Pinkwashing Turns on Itself with Breast Cancer Awareness Gun

Smith & Wesson Breast Cancer Awareness PistolOctober was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the group Breast Cancer Action seized on the opportunity to promote its Think Before you Pink campaign to raise awareness of how companies are increasingly exploiting breast cancer as a marketing device to sell products -- some of which are actually harmful to women's health. Pink ribbon campaigns are offering up some bizarre, albeit benign products like a breast cancer awareness toaster and a breast cancer awareness floating Beer Pong table. But the most bizarre item yet to have a pink ribbon slapped on it must be Smith & Wesson's Pink Breast Cancer Awareness 9 mm Pistol, promoted by a woman named Julie Goloski, Smith and Wesson's Consumer Program Manager and a sharpshooter herself. Goloski is promoting S&W's breast cancer awareness pistol on her Facebook page, saying "October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness M&P’s are shipping to dealers. I am thrilled to have my name associated with such a worthy cause and one of my favorite firearms." According to a 2008 report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, firearms are the second most common cause of violent deaths of women, accounting for 29.2% of all violent deaths among females in the U.S. in 2008.


So, would you have a problem with Breast Cancer Awareness kitchen knives, because they can be used in crime, too? What about a Breast Cancer Awareness car? Do you know how many people die in vehicle collisions?

Blame the person using the object. Don't blame inanimate objects for the crimes committed.

I'm pretty sure Julie Goloski's "evil" guns have never committed any crimes.

Your argument is nothing more than a fallacy. You cannot compare a gun to a drug. That is comparing apples to zebras. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Guns are merely a tool. Would you be offended if Buck made a pink knife, or if Ford made a pink car. You could say, "Nothing kills more people than cars." Yet I bet we wont see you boycotting Mary Kay for making a pink Cadillac.

Anyways, people make the conscious decision to smoke, and the cats been long out the bag that it may cause health problems.

They're way ahead of you. Here's a [***-IMPULSE/Detail Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Buck knife!]

If used for slashing others, then yes, I am offended.

Anne Landman

You're only offended by a knife it's "used for slashing other" but guns offend you just by existing?

Your stance on knives indicates that you are CAPABLE of rational thought, you just choose not to employ it in the case of the object of your bigotry.


I wonder if any of Julie Golob's guns have ever been used to murder a woman?

And you're "offended" by them for what reason again???

Would you be offended by Buck, or by the bad guy who did the slashing (it was the forward motion that he provided that caused the blade to cut) ?

What it he used a stapler?

Would the $1 Paper Pro donated on the purchase of the stapler offend you?

It is a bit unfair to refer to Julie Goloski-Golob as a person who profiteers on on the Pink movement. Julie has contributed many donations to woman and children through the locks of love program, long before being honored by this signature firearm, with proceeds of said firearm being contributed to Breast Cancer Research and awareness. Her company, Smith and Wesson, has the largest program to empower women to become responsible firearms owners and users. Perhaps a bit of research would have gone a long way to vilify Julie G and Smith and Wesson before printing this obviously biased article. As we all know, there are two sides to every story.

The piece did not state that Julie Goloski profits personally from the sale of the breast cancer awareness gun.

Anne Landman

I think you missed the point. Julie Goloski is a top competitor in the field of Practical shooting. She, and her sponsor (S&W) were attempting to get brand-placement recognition in support of breast cancer awareness.

Danica Patrick and the Indy Racing league support breast cancer awareness. Cars kill more females than guns. Maybe we should criticise them?

What about all the women that have used guns to protect themselves from abusive ex husbands, boyfriends, and criminals?

There are probably millions of products natural and man made that may contribute to cancer. Does that mean they should refuse the money from the companies that make them.