Who Is Bankrolling the League of American Voters?

"Standing in a medical exam room, a neurosurgeon in a white lab coat stares solemnly into the camera and warns that President Obama’s health care plan 'will hurt our seniors' and 'end Medicare as we know it.' ... How this ad came to be produced and distributed provides a case study in modern American political advocacy. It shows how a quickly assembled group with uncertain origins and funding can make a mark on one of the most contentious public policy debates in memory. The group that says it paid for the campaign -- the League of American Voters -- incorporated less than two weeks before the ad was released online. The League’s executive director, its only employee, declined to identify its founders or donors but claims that in less than two months of existence it has built a membership of 16,000 and raised about $1.7 million in donations. ... Interviews and a review of public records show that a wide-ranging group of people coalesced to launch the League or its ad campaign: Dick Morris, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and one of the nation’s more flamboyant political operatives; a one-time West Virginia political candidate ([Bob Adams); a New York City public relations executive with ties to health care groups (Alexandra Preate]; a New York rabbi; a filmmaker best known for an ad questioning the patriotism of Vietnam War veteran and then-Georgia senator Max Cleland (Rick Wilson); and a Florida doctor who once settled a state medical board allegation that he had operated on the wrong site during a spinal procedure."


Anonymous shows a remarkable economy with words and facts of his/her own, which would seem to validate the credibility of the story. I received one of the the "league of voters" e-mails just a few minutes ago. It had a bad smell from the get go.

If they are so worried about Scott Wanker in Wisconsin and the state running out of money then why doesn't the GUvNOR and all the elected politicians take a pay cut, pay for his or her own health care and retirement and stop the corporate tax cuts to their dumb ass corporate friends....the corporations will move out of state you say? Well let them go and restructure the state economy around corporations that are willing to help their employees and the state they live in.. if not? the problem will never go away the dumb asses!!!! Corporations will ask for more more more.....tax beaks..their are plenty of great corporations who support the people and the states they are in...states should learn to invest in corporations that give back to their state instead of asking for tax breaks.. corporations who care about their employees and the states they live in are worthwhile and support the real U.S.A. That is the message they should be sending the dumb asses......

One comment fits all........from Ronald Reagan

"A government that can give you ALL that you want can take from you, ALL that you have"..........

The USA has survived quite well with our system of government. Why are we trying to change so radically ?

Remember what Premier Kruschiev (spelling is wrong) said many years ago...."Russia will never have to worry about destroying America, America will destroy itself from withihn"....looks like he had some foresight. God save us all.

"A government that can give you ALL that you want can take from you, ALL that you have"..........

The same is true of corporations, especially if they're big enough to own your government.

I agree, Khrushchev had it right.

So use the US Constitution's enumberated powers to rein in the federal govt.

Let the states try to find ways to give some of us all we want. Without the Feds borrowing power, states go bust if they try it.

If we, the consumers, don't like what they are selling we don't have to buy it. They do not - so far - have monopoly power.

So don't blame corporations, blame govt rules and regulations that favor one company over another, endlessly.

It is our fault that govt has grown so big and intrusive. We failed to challange a single steo across the lines drawn by the Constitution. Each of those steps allows yet another to be taken. While We The People pay no attention at all.

Shame on us!

Does the US spend more than any other nation?
Do we have health care that is equal to Cuba?
Does no other nation try the US system of Health Care?

Because it is broken and does not work unless you have unlimited wealth or a 'Cadillac' Insurance plan.

It is not about government size, debt, or by some bizarre turn of illogic - socialism.

Gail, you are so right! There are no doubt few who can't name the latest contestant on American Idol or the latest MVP on some sports team-but there are few who CAN name their state representative-or who know what a state representative is! The charlatans and champions of mediocrity and mendacity who infest Congress and the state legislators were elected by.....us (including by those who didn't vote). They in turn appoint the judges and bureaucrats who increasingly run our lives. Thus, those of us who try to make a difference, who support candidates who are a cut above the norm and who respect the Constitution, are at a decided disadvantage. The skillful pitting of various artificial groups-each claiming their precious entitlements-will be our doom. As I believe Samuel Adams said, (I can only paraphrase, can't remember the exact quote), as soon as citizens figure out how to help themselves to the public treasury, the Republic is lost.

I love that quote
"A government that can give you ALL that you want can take from you, ALL that you have"..........
and I love Reagan but that is a Thomas Jefferson quote! ;)