On What Planet Does the Chamber Design Its Ads?

To "move the spotlight off the unpopular commercial banks and mortgage lenders that are the target of the legislation," the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is claiming that the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency will hurt butchers. "The economy has made it tough on this local butcher's customers," reads the Chamber's latest ad. "So he lets some of them run a tab and pay the bill over time." According to the ad -- part of a campaign the Chamber is spending "at least $2 million" on -- the Consumer Financial Protection Agency would impact "virtually every business that extends credit to American consumers ... even the local butcher." A spokesman for Representative Barney Frank, who drafted the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act as the Chair of the House Financial Services Committee, dismissed the Chamber ad as "scare tactics from the likes of big business." More scare tactics are in store, as "the business lobby intends to expand its campaign to include nationwide TV and radio ads later this month. Its lobbying push could feature other small-business owners, such as accountants, landlords and event planners." The Wall Street Journal reports, "There won't be any mention of banks or Wall Street or insurance companies."


No surprise here. This is the same org that came out against the precautionary principle a couple of years ago.