It's All Just Business to the Chamber

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- along with other industry-funded groups, such as the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace -- is fighting the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bill that would make it easier for employees to join labor unions. At the same time the Chamber is saying EFCA would "impose new and costly regulations on business," it hired the lobbying firm of former House Majority leader Dick Gephardt, "who enjoyed strong support from organized labor during his political career." According to the vague lobbying disclosure forms, the Gephardt Group may not lobby on EFCA. It registered to represent the Chamber on "intellectual property," environmental and manufacturing issues.


I am hopeful that at some point soon the Chamber of Commerce, it's activities and it's lead sponsors, will be investigated and publicly revealed. After years of watching them occupy choice buildings, hold sway over smaller businesses who refuse to join and holding Pro-Life activities while hiding their Republican status from the general public, it is time for serious investigating to be done.

I have watched for many years now, having been born in 1939, the special interest groups slowly eliminating the rights of Americans protected by the constitution. In the last couple of years the elective officers have been ever attempting to destroy the constitution as they pass laws in secret in the house and senate, and the executive joining them to pass what ever bills they desire even to the robbing of the public treasury in broad daylight by filling the citizens with intense fear that the sky is falling in, financially speaking. In 1999 when the teamsters threw up pickets against Overnite Transportation Company having won elections at only 27 terminals out of approximately 166 terminals in there system. I was there and a victim of the criminal acts of those members of the Teamsters Union. We had to be transported into work by rented passenger vans in order to prevent damage to our personal vehicles and to prevent attacks on our person. One of our fellow employees was shot and in critical condition for a period of time after leaving the Memphis Terminal, this was among other attacks on company employees and property and equipment. Members and supporters of the Union even threatened my family telling me that they knew where I lived and even trespassed on my property and set up constructions cones around our drive way. Those events took place where private ballots were supervised by the government. Imagine what it would be like if the names of those who refused to sign the card were know by union officials and members. Having rejected the union and the Mob actions of many of the union members their lives would be in danger. After Overnite was acquired by UPS their employees were forced to join the union by the company and the union and they was the first non union company to be forced to use the card check system 51 % signed a number by intimidation the remaining the 49 % who rejected the union was forced to endure the wrath of those who were really pro union. Since they were forced to join the union, the company has gradually reduced the employees income in most cases by 50 % by cutting the miles and hours they were paid in the beginning. Those who lost the least had a drop in their pay by $20,000.00 some had a pay lose of $40,000.00 and some even far greater. The sad thing about it is the union has not represented them in the losses they have incurred. How can our representatives sell us down the river as they have. America had better wake up and take action to restore our constitutional rights or in another two to five years we will be a communist nation.