The Mormon Proposition

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as the LDS or Mormon Church) is facing a public backlash following its heavy-handed support of Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriages in California, notes progressive PR pro Michael Fox. "For many years," he notes, "the LDS Church has been an active force in the anti-gay movement, most notably in regard to its sponsorship of the Boy Scouts of America, but these activities have mostly been below the media radar and opposition has been directed at the Scouts, not the LDS Church itself. ... Now that will change." A leaked internal memo shows how top church leaders egged on rank-and-file Mormons to donate more than $20 million to support Proposition 8, while members in Utah made political phone calls to Californians on behalf of the measure. In response, Fox says, "Gay and lesbian groups and their allies will challenge the Mormons everywhere, no doubt tapping into pre-existing anti-Mormon prejudice. ... And the Prop 8 boycott, if sustained, can have a serious impact on businesses owned by Mormons, such as the Marriott hotel chain, on the careers of LDS members, and even on the economy of the State of Utah."


Lets make this easy. Federal and or state laws for CIVIL UNION should guarantee legal rights to all couples. Establishing the committment of the relationship, and ensuring that people can include their "partner" in insurance, wills, inheritance, etc., etc., The Civil Union is required as the legal/foundational step for all, whereas "marriage" can be the term used for spiritual joining of a couple, not required for legal purposes. Let each church have choice and freedom to establish standards for marriage in their church according to their doctrine. Some will, some won't go for it. But at least this separates church and state and legal vs. doctrinal. Mormons are supposed to believe in free agency and choice and to let others worship where, when, and how they please. So be it. If Mormons want to attact people to the Church, their standards are plain to see, and for people to choose. This should not be a political battle. The Church is harming the good image they have worked years to create by entering into the political arena.

I don't think the mormon church cares what people think of the name. Christ himself didn't care. He did what his father comanded and was no respector of persons. Ceasar wasn't any more worthy than the adultress, yet she sought forgiveness for her actions. Show me where homosexuality has benefited a society or people as a whole? Nobody can, because it has never done such. It has destroyed them. I don't want to destroy mine anymore than it already is.

Resources like the one you mentioned here will be very useful to me. The Mormon Church has been able to wage this war in secret. Not until the California Fair Political Practices Commission launched an investigation into the Mormon's involvement in Proposition 8, did the secrets of the Mormon effort become a matter of record. Through never-before seen documents, recordings & insider-interviews, 8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION, exposes the efforts of the Mormon Church and its members to halt nearly every piece of LGBT legislation on the desks of lawmakers from Hawaii to New York. 8:
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