Counting Electronic Votes in Secret

Professor Andrew Appel of the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) at Princeton University has released a previously-suppressed report finding that electronic voting machines in New Jersey make it easy to engage in undetectable election fraud. "It takes about 7 minutes, using simple tools, to replace the computer program in the AVC Advantage with a fraudulent program that cheats," states the report, which was written by Appel and five other leading computer security experts. The researchers completed their report on September 2 but were forbidden until Friday from publishing it by a court order that has finally been reversed on appeal. The local elections board in Princeton has also denied a request by Appel and CITP fellow Grayson Barber to observe poll workers on election night, stating that the election is "too important" to permit extra people in the polling place. "In particular, they cited Andrew's status as an expert on Sequoia voting machines as a 'concern,'" Grayson noted. You can monitor this and other U.S. election integrity concerns on the Election Protection Wiki.