Rebuff for Coal Power Giant

The German power corporation E.ON has suffered a humiliating defeat in its attempt to have six Greenpeace protesters convicted of criminal damage for painting a slogan on the coal-fired Kingsnorth Power Station in the United Kingdom. The six argued that they had a "lawful excuse" for their action in trying to prevent further damage to the global climate. The defendants called evidence from the world's leading climate scientist, James Hansen, who argued that there should be a moratorium on new coal-fired power stations and a phase out of existing coal-fired power stations in the absence of carbon capture and storage of emissions. E.ON currently has plans for thirteen new coal-fired power stations across Europe. In April, PR Week reported that E.ON UK had hired the PR firm Edelman to "counter opposition from green campaigners." In response to the jury's verdict E.ON UK stated that they were "surprised and disappointed" at the decision.