Nestle and Namco Thirst for Absolution and Market Share

To promote its bottled water for children, Nestle has "signed on as a strategic partner" for the launch of "Active Life: Outdoor Challenge," a Namco video game for the Nintendo Wii that will be released in September. Nestle's "Aquapod" water comes in a rocket-shaped bottle, and is marketed to "families with kids aged 6 to 11." The increased scrutiny of the link between soft drinks and childhood obesity led to the creation of bottled water for kids. But, after spending "billions to get children to crave their sugary-sweet, colorful drinks," the beverage industry must now figure out "how do we get kids to prefer water," as Nestle Waters' director of youth marketing pointed out. The "Active Life" game may help insulate both "the video-game and beverage industries from criticism that they contribute to childhood obesity," notes Advertising Age. The Nestle / Namco deal includes one million bottles of Aquapod with branded packaging promoting "Active Life," and coupons for Aquapod water in the video game box. However, there won't be ads inserted into the game itself.


Wi Fit should be ashamed of itself for promoting ideal weights and telling kids they weigh too much. All the eating disorders it is going to create among young girls, including binge dieting which is one of the real reasons for the obesity epidemic. (As hyped as it is!) It is no surprize that Nestle has partnered with them, it is an evil company. Under pressure from simplistic thinking food police, the corporate dullards do more emotional damage to children and young adults by scaring them silly. Which is the same tired course we have been on for over 50 years. It would be a big yawn if it wasn't doing so much psychological harm. Meanwhile, no attention is paid to growth hormones in meat and milk, environmental estrogen, dieting (which changes metabolisms to make them better at storing fat) and even pollution. Sad that our children have to be put through all the emotional turmoil because adults, both left and right are completely misguided!

"Fat can be beautiful. Intolerance is ALWAYS ugly!"