U.S. News Media in Quite a State

"The state of the American news media in 2008 is more troubled than a year ago," opens the latest "State of the News Media" report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Among the major findings is that the Internet is not yet the democratizing media force many hoped for. "Even with so many new sources, more people now consume what old media newsrooms produce, particularly from print, than before," the report states. A detailed analysis of the news stories covered in 2007 found that "the media and the public often disagreed about which stories were important," and that U.S. media mostly ignored the rest of the world. Even though 2007 "was the deadliest for American forces in Afghanistan since that war began," less than one percent of international news dealt with that country. And journalists are more pessimistic, especially about "cutbacks in the newsroom" and the "broken economic model" for many news operations.