A Star Is Born: Spitzer's Downfall Gives Rise to Ashley Alexandra Dupré

In the brave new world of seemingly everyone having a MySpace page, publicity over alleged prostitution gave rise to a new online star at MySpace. The overnight political implosion of New York Democratic governor Eliot Spitzer, aka Client 9, led to an explosion of attention for previously unknown singer Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the current name of the 22 year old identified as Kristen, The Emperors Club VIP call girl implicated in Spitzer's downfall. After the New York Times revealed its existence, Dupre's MySpace page drew what quickly became more than five million visitors who listened to her song, saw the pictures she posted, read her postings and in many cases posted comments and messages with links to their own sites. A dozen hours after the New York Times article, the original site on MySpace was intermittently accessible or sometimes seeeming to be 'hacked', other times replaced with a message that read "this user has either cancelled their membership or their account has been deleted." Prosecutors have given Dupré immunity, while focusing attention on Spitzer's staff such as fundraiser Kristian Stiles.