Pfizer Pulls Deceptive Lipitor Ads

Dr. Robert Jarvik Lipitor Ad (Source: Pharma Marketing Blog)Drug maker Pfizer yielded to pressure from a Congressional committee and pulled deceptive Lipitor ads featuring Dr. Robert Jarvik. In one of the ads, created by the Kaplan Thaler Group, Dr. Jarvik is shown apparently rowing a boat, but the rowing was in fact done by a stunt double. In the ads, Dr. Jarvik also claims to be a user of Lipitor, but he didn't actually start taking the medication until after he was hired by Pfizer to promote it. The House Committee was also concerned that the ads presented Dr. Jarvik as offering the public medical advice, when in reality he is not a medical doctor, but a medical engineer.


hi,i have been taking lipitor for twelve years.i had a heart attack 12 years ago and my doctor told me my colesterol was 360.he put me on lipitor 20 mg. for three years and by then my colesterol was around 200 count. he then cut my dose to ten colestorol has been around 100 count for the past five years.i still take my lipitor 10 mg every evening and my colesterol this past may was 110 count.i had a stress test in april of this year and i passed with flying colors..i have never had anymore heart pain since my heart attack and i truely believe that lipitor has saved my life these past twelve years.i was age 63 when i had my heart attack and i am now 75 years of age and feel 60 years old..lipitor has let me see four GREAT grand children that i might not have lived to see if not for lipitor.but at age 75 i am told (by casting agent)that i am to old to audition for commercial..move the age up to 75please.its now at the people out in tv land that lipitor can give you a longer life..thank you for reading my email..jerry campbell ,wilmington,NC