U.S. Air Force Wants More Air Time

In 2005, the Army celebrated its 230th birthday with its NASCAR driver.The U.S. Air Force "wants to more than double its advertising budget ... to $112.5 million," reports the Air Force Times. Like the Army, which is increasingly targeting adult "influencers" in its attempts to get more young recruits, the Air Force wants to go beyond "the typical advertising to convince young adults to consider joining the service." With an increased ad budget, the Air Force would "explain" its mission "to a wider, and older, general public -- the folks who pay taxes, elect lawmakers and whose children join the service." Over a year, 220 million adults will each "see 30 Air Force advertisements, from ads on Web sites to full-page newspaper ads to prime-time television ads," according to the campaign plan. The campaign will educate "the American public on how today's Air Force is the most engaged, versatile and high-tech of all the military services," states the Air Force's budget proposal.