Santa Ho Ho Ho's for Coal

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, a front group for the coal industry, is "sending 30 Santas to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to deliver stockings filled with coal-shaped chocolate," reports The Hill. "The goal of the campaign is to shift coal's image as a key contributor to global warming to a relatively cheap and increasingly clean provider of electricity." David Roberts predicts that "This is only the beginning of what promises to be an enormous PR campaign by an industry that sees the writing on the wall. In public, it will be smiles and Santas. Behind the scenes, it will be slime campaigns against candidates who dare propose a shift to renewable energy."


It boggles the mind to think that a piece of chocolate would be used to bribe legislators to accept coal as clean energy. The CO2 generated is part of the problem in global warming. Water, wind or solar power is clean, coal is dirty. What's beneath the chocolate covering? A bribe or a threat? Is this what our country has come down to, if the candidates berate coal, rather than accept the lie, they will be slimed?
This whole administration hates the science that relates to global warming, so the Santas will be allowed to pass out their Gift.