An Industry Look at 2007's Biggest PR Blunders

Fineman PR of San Francisco, California, has released their list of top ten PR blunders of 2007. Topping the list at number one is "No Reporters? No Problem" -- the fake news conference staged by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) about their response to the California wild fires. (FEMA also merited a Dishonorable Mention in CMD's 2007 Falsies Awards.) Coming in second was a poorly conceived guerrilla marketing campaign. "When Boston residents suddenly noted blinking, cryptic devices attached to bridges, bus depots and subway stations, they alerted city authorities, who shut down sections of the city to remove the devices and ensure that they were not related to a bomb threat or other terrorist activity." The culprit? The Turner Broadcasting-affiliated Cartoon Network, advertising their program "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."