Green but Not Proud of It

It doesn't pay to be green if you're a retailer, at least according to the Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at research firm NPD Group. Cohen said that "the consumer is consumed with other things, and very rarely have they ever endorsed and embraced the green endeavors." The Daily Dog elaborates: "As fears over global warming have dominated headlines this year, numerous retailers have announced new and expanded plans to cut down on waste and run stores more efficiently. But this holiday season, there is a divide between the environmental tactics retailers are implementing behind the scenes -- like building stores with recycled materials or using hybrid vehicles—and the shopping experience they provide." Despite survey proof that significant numbers of shoppers would patronize ecologically responsible stores and would even pay a premium for eco-friendly gifts, NPD's Cohen said the green trend was already over. "It's basically a card that a lot of people played while it was hot and trendy," he said. "And it got overplayed."