Ambassadors Needed for McDonaldLand

McDonald's Golden ArchesMcDonald's director of U.S. marketing admits, "Going by what we're hearing from consumers, awareness is a little bit low about quality." So the fast food giant will launch a "McDonald's Brand Advocate program" in early 2008, with help from the PR firm GolinHarris. It's "an interactive online program intended to educate and arm McDonald's employees and owner/operators with facts and figures about key topics, including food quality, nutrition, and safety." In June 2007, McDonald's launched its "Moms' Quality Correspondents campaign," which involves six moms who "blog and post videos" about their tours of McDonald's facilities and interactions with company representatives. McDonald's manager of U.S. communications explains, "We felt if moms were out there speaking to their communities and online communities unedited, it would get us far more credibility than just posting an article or doing Web site copy." McDonald's "quality message" is "not just a PR, marketing, and advertising effort anymore." It involves "the operations team, training team, and owners and operators," said McDonald's director of U.S. communications.