Pelosi and Congressional Democrats Launch PR Effort to Spin their Dismal Image

Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders in the U.S. Congress are preparing to "embark on a publicity blitz starting in November to combat a dismal 25 percent approval rating," reports Jonathan Kaplan. "Democrats are keenly aware of the public's frustration. Many believe that they were elected to bring an end to the war in Iraq, and they have been unable to do that because of an unwieldy Senate and President Bush's opposition to any change in strategy in Iraq." Party leaders are encouraging Democrats to highlight the "lobbying and ethics reforms, an increase in the minimum wage, a massive increase in student aid, legislation to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations," and other measures passed with bipartisan support. As part of the PR effort, Pelosi "began holding weekly press conferences" in early October, "and has been appearing on more news and talk programs."