Literal "Whitewashing": The Taiwanese Show How PR is Done After Plane Catches Fire

This bit of PR whitewashing comes very close to a literal definition. From a Japanese press account quoted in the "Telstar Logistics" blog: "China Airlines has painted over its name and logo on the wreckage of a passenger jet that exploded in flames at Naha Airport in Okinawa moments after passengers slid down emergency chutes to escape. The airline painted over the name 'China Airlines' on the left-hand side of the aircraft and the company's logo on the plane's tail fin. After the accident, photographs and video footage of the jet continued to appear in news reports, and the company apparently painted over the name and logo to limit further damage to its image." The full account (with pictures) is at Telstar Logistics, a blog described as "an ongoing experiment in corporate phenomenology, urban camouflage, and brand development."


Even Taiwanese are Chinese Taiwan is still a different country than Peoples Republic of China. Maybe a US PR company has advised the Taiwanese carrier in its whitewashing.