How to Cool Down Global Warming

Drawing on documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, Rolling Stone details the Bush administration's "ongoing strategy to block federal action on global warming." In 2002, the administration's Climate Action Report was reported on as a "stark shift" in U.S. policy. An alarmed Philip Cooney, then at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, contacted Myron Ebell of the ExxonMobil-funded think tank the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "We tried to put some qualifiers ... in the report," fretted Cooney. "I know you're in crisis mode," Ebell replied. "I want to help you cool things down, but ... I think that what we can do is limited until there is an official statement from the administration repudiating the report." Bush released a statement the next day. Karl Rove also helped spin the Climate Action Report, writing on a letter drafted by Cooney, "Great ... defends the report rather than staying focused on the policy."


I sure would hate to have planetary destruction on my karmic record! The millions of deaths! The misery of the living! The altering of life as we know it on the planet if the worst case global warming scenarios come true. And for what? A few more bucks in their pocket???? I don't think they are in denial at heart. I think these creatures must be some serious psychopaths who enjoy devastation and chaos.