Michael Evans, A General in God's Army

Bill Berkowitz reports on the rise of Michael D. Evans: "In recent appearances on two U.S. cable news networks, he was slinging and zinging -- the well-rehearsed pitchman for the Biblical 'End Times' was dead certain that 'Iran is going to have to be attacked' before 2008. He also claimed that during a recent visit to Iraq, he was told by intelligence sources that Iran had given the green light to Hezbollah to unleash suicide bombers in the United States this summer. ... These days, the bestselling author and head of the 'Jerusalem Prayer Team' ... is at the top of his game. On June 3, his new book, 'The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While The World Sleeps', made it onto the New York Times bestsellers' list at number one in the paperback category. ... Evans had 'made himself a major religious movement and media figure long before his new book was published,' CMD's John Stauber ... told IPS. 'He's not just an author, he's a general in God's patriotic army, and he knows how to mobilize his troops.'"