New Participatory Project: Updating Profiles on Think Tanks

Some of the highest traffic pages in SourceWatch are those on the proliferating number of think tanks scattered around the world. Keeping track of what their latest projects are, their finances and key personnel is a challenge. That's where you come in. The profiles on think tanks that are in our top 100 most visited pages, in order of page views over the last week, are those on Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Heartland Institute. With a little bit of effort from a handful of citizen editors we could make sure the profiles are right up to date. Or, if you'd prefer to pick one of the other think tanks, go right ahead. What we need to check is that listed staff and office bearers are current, funding information is as up to date as possible, contact addresses are correct and current priorities are included on the page. Most of this information will be on each think tank's website. (Though note, some think tanks don't publish their annual reports on their website). If this is your first time editing, you can register as a SourceWatch volunteer editor here, and learn more about adding information to the site here and here. Have fun, and thanks for your help!