New Participatory Project: Tracking the Most Influential Corporate Lobbyists

Examining and exposing the activities of lobbyists and their firms is an important aspect of the Center for Media and Democracy's work. Now you can help, via our online collaborative encyclopedia, SourceWatch!

SourceWatch has many articles related to this industry, but because the players and the issue change frequently, our resources can always use some updating. The Hill recently released a list of the most powerful corporate lobbyists at

Lobbyists are most successful if they can remain in the shadows. Can you help us shed some light on their antics? Go to SourceWatch and do a search for one of the corporate lobbyists on The Hill's list. If you find an article, please add the quote from the article in The Hill by saying, "According to the article "Best in the Business" in the April 24, 2007 issue of The Hill, lobbyist X is ....[insert the quote from the article]" and add the link to the article. If The Hill lists a lobbyist who is not already in SourceWatch, please create a short "stub" article on him or her (with the lobbyist's name, The Hill info, and any other information you might find on him/her).

If this is your first time editing, you can register as a SourceWatch volunteer editor here , and learn more about adding information to the site here and here. Thanks for joining the CMD truth squad!