Drilling for Collective Wisdom

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CMD is a proponent of citizen journalism, particularly through www.SourceWatch.org, our collaborative on-line encyclopedia of people, organizations, and issues shaping the public agenda. A twist on the idea that the process and product of gathering information benefits from more, rather than fewer, cooks in the kitchen is at work in the on-line project, World Without Oil. The non-profit game "aims to help fill a huge gap in our nation's thinking about oil and the economy. What will happen when demand inevitably outstrips supply ... will depend in large part upon how well people prepare, cooperate, and collectively create solutions. By playing it out in a serious way, the game aims to apply collective intelligence and imagination to the problem in advance, and to create a record that has value for educators, policymakers, and the common people ..." Currently in its 23rd week of play, WorldWithoutOil.org has over 1,600 active participants.