Shut Up and Heat

A new media policy restricting U.S. government scientists from speaking to the media is drawing fire from the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Government Accountability Project. The policy limits scientists to speaking only about their official duties, requires them to obtain permission before speaking about "fundamental research," and says they have to give 14 days advance notice to their managers and submit written materials for departmental review before offering unofficial comments to the press. UCS and GAP say the rules will chill scientists' speech, in particular about the issue of global warming. "We are very concerned that the message of control will drown out the message of freedom," they wrote in a letter to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.


I could see this going either way actually. It might end up forcing scientists who want to promote anti-global warming propaganda to not be able to. Although since the US won't even sign the Kyoto Protocol I guess that's not too likely. I'm constantly told that there are many scientists who claim that global warming is a sham without having personal ulterior motives. Is anyone actually aware of even one of these people? It'd be a nice find if they actually do exist.

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