Flowery Fake News Deemed Evergreen

Valentine's Day is approaching, and the public relations industry is readying fake news promotions for jewelry, candy, flowers and other traditional gifts. A February 8 press release from the broadcast PR firm Medialink Worldwide and the Flower Promotion Organization reads, "More than 190 million stems of roses will be bestowed upon sweethearts in the U.S. While Cupid is busy keeping the love alive, it may take a flower doctor to help prolong the life of your beautiful blooms." Sound familiar? Medialink is currently promoting the exact same video news release to television stations that it distributed this time last year. In February 2006, at least five TV stations aired the flower flack package. How many planted stories will bloom this year? If you see Dr. Bridget Behe and the Flower MD website on your local news, please let us know.


commercials for Guinness urge us to "please drink responsibly during the St. Patrick's Day season."

So if St. Patrick's Day is now the culmination of a "season," what day is "Black Friday" for Guinness and Bushmill's?