Sarah Olson is Free, But Citizens Still Under Subpoena in Watada Court Martial

"Although the military has dismissed the subpoenas of journalists, Veterans for Peace Seattle Chapter organizers Tom Brookhart and Gerri Haynes, and Olympia-based anti-war organizer Phan Nguyen remain under order to testify against Lt. Watada. Tom Brookhart and Gerri Haynes came to the attention of Army prosecutors for their role in organizing the VFP National Convention in August. Phan Nguyen, a member of the Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace, was the moderator of a number of press conferences and rallies this summer regarding Lt. Watada and the support his stand against illegal war has generated. With Lt. Ehren Watada now formally acknowledging the remaining statements in question, the only rationale the Army could now have for dragging these prominent anti-war organizers into a military court is to intimidate the peace movement." Independent journalist Aaron Glantz first reported on this issue of Army intimidation of citizens in an early January article for Inter Press Service.