If We Stop Using Highly Toxic Chemicals, the Terrorists Will Have Won

"An analysis by the Department of Homeland Security found 272 chemical plants nationwide at which an attack or accident could affect at least 50,000 people and an additional 3,400 plants at which more than 1,000 people were at risk," reports the New York Times. Moreover, "the Bush administration, the chemical industry, Democrats, Republicans and environmentalists" agree that "voluntary measures put into place by the industry after the 2001 terrorist attacks are not enough." So why is there a "fierce struggle" in Congress over industry oversight language for the Homeland Security budget bill? Strong lobbying by the chemical industry, which is claiming "that Democrats and environmentalists are trying to hijack what had been an antiterrorism matter and use it to advance their own agenda," which they say includes reducing use of highly toxic chemicals. The Hill profiles lobbyists on chemical security issues, including from such industry mainstays as the American Chemistry Council and American Petroleum Institute.


As "Americans" (as if there were a certain predictable type), we seem to know all about what constitutes "terrorism."

But when it comes to "torture" or what constitutes cruel and unusual treatment of prisoners, now that, we have to have defined for us.

Okay how come we do not simply know this as a matter of common sense? Has no one in this country ever considered "the Golden Rule" --- ?????

We are too steeped in walking the tight-rope, sociopathic walk of confidence men (con men) --- using trust on the one hand, and secretly violating that trust of the public on the other.

We have confused trust with trustworthiness so much and so often and as a daily practice, that now we are confused ourselves --- even about what the Golden Rule is. We cannot even fathom such a thing, really.

Let's think about it folks. Gee -- is it torture to not have one's morning latte -- all as if the issue was something trivial as that.

What a joke, only it isn't a joke. We can't figure out that things like intimidation and duress are inappropriate, and that they do not make human beings into anything but stoic, jaded robots.

My God. No further comment. People will have to figure some things out for themselves, instead of having it all regurgitated and spoon-fed to them on the news. Listening to that news is almost like eating someone else's vomit, in a way. Figuratively, anyway.