What Iraqis Want

According to a recent survey conducted by two Michigan universities, 91.7 percent of Iraqis now oppose the presence of U.S. troops in their country — a nearly 20 percent increase since 2004. A big majority (76 percent) thinks the U.S. is in their country for the oil. The survey also found "a growing sense of powerlessness, pessimism about the future and insecurity. Among Iraqis as a whole, 59 percent of those surveyed in 2006 strongly agreed with the following statement: 'In Iraq these days life is unpredictable and dangerous.' That compares to 46 percent who strongly agreed in 2004." The University of Michigan's news release announcing the findings oddly omitted the statistic showing Iraqi opposition to the U.S. troop presence, choosing instead to highlight an increase to 41 percent in the number of Iraqis who support separation of religion and politics. According to sociologist Mansoor Moaddel, this means Iraqis are "moving closer to American values."


it is so sad and frustrating when the west
fail see the connection between the problem
in afghanistan, the war in iraq, the situation
in the west bank, and the 9/11 disaster, and
look at them as separate incidences that can
be treated separately.

invariably, the bottom-line solution put forth
is for the arabs, or whoever, to see things
the way the west sees them. 'if only they
would realize how much better our way of life in the west is, things would be much better.' everyone 'must move closer to american, or western, values". we expect the others to change their way of
life rather than everyone simply accepting everyone else's way of life as a different, but equally valid, equally fulfilling way of life.

we live in one world, yet all of us are different. we all want the same things - a better, safer world; a brighter future for our children; freedom to practice our own religions and to extend our respective wings; peace.

we are all different creeds, different colors, different cultures, one world.

Yes, the Bush camp can still win the 2006 elections. After all, Ken Mehlman remains an ace and Karl Rove remains the ultimate opponent-destroying-propaganda machine. The aim of the game, as usual, is to steal the elections by counterfighting where you're supposed to be the weakest.

Iraq, for example, about which the Dems are considering the pros and cons of a withdrawal, exposing themselves to an intense guerilla from "Turd Blossom". I wish they instead made clear in the minds of the public the most vital thing for the US is to withdraw from the Bush doctrine. First behave well, then act responsively, sane decisions will come naturally. And they propably won't include a withdrawal of all troops anytime soon. The least America must do is to fix the damage Bush's Amerika has done.

For the moment, the "flip flop" specter is hovering above the Democrats, and Karl will very likely have Bush talk as the boss in charge : we've been waging a nasty war that's true, but we nailed most of 'em bastards and we proved bein' tough could prevent new attacks on our soil. You have the power to decide ; to be either with us or with them - not them Dems, but them terrorist thugs.

The actual truth should be exposed : right after 9/11, terrorists were the only bad guys around and the whole world was supporting the US, expecting a responsible answer from a model democracy - but this excuse for an administration managed to damage the image of democracy so badly the US are now considered a rogue state and terrorists heroes. Not only did the US invite terrorists where they weren't (Iraq), they made the World a much less safer place by fueling terror, fanatism and hatred all across the world. The US need a strong administration all right, but should remain a model democracy as well : you have the choice between supporting fascists and fundamentalists on one hand (those ruling the country these days as well as the terrorists, their supposed enemies), and restoring the values that made America respected on the other (all you have to do is to get rid of these madhatters).

Stephane MOT -