During August, U.S. McDonald's is teaming up with GM to include a model of the gas-guzzling Hummer in its "Happy Meals." The New York Times notes that McDonald's "appears not to have gotten the message" about rising petrol prices. In an attempt to gain mainstream media coverage for its "Hummer of a Summer" marketing campaign, McDonald's organised a lunch-hour parade down Chicago's Michigan Avenue featuring Ronald McDonald on the hood of a Hummer. In support of its promotion, McDonald's released an electronic press kit, including B-roll video footage for use by television stations or websites. Shannelle Armstrong, McDonald's U.S. communications manager, told PR Week that the company evaluates how "overall store sales are affected when we do a push, and not just for Happy Meals."


Looks like a marriage made in "conspicuous consumption" heaven.

By the way, do you think a Hummer driver or a Big-Mac-Attack diner consumes the most oil?