The "Center for Union Facts" Is Rick Berman's Newest Fiction

On February 13, full-page advertisements in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, along with a media stunt involving a dinosaur, announced a new union-bashing front group called Center for Union Facts. Who is behind the ad and their website? Nothing in the advertisements or the webpage mentions Rick Berman, but -- Bingo! -- that's who owns the website domain name. Rick Berman is a right-wing lobbyist who has built a lucrative career establishing industry-funded front groups including, the Center for Consumer Freedom, the Employment Policies Institute, the Employment Roundtable and Berman specializes in personal attacks, smear tactics and playing loose with the facts. He has raised millions of dollars from tobacco, booze, biotech, fast food, grocery and other businesses eager to pay Berman to do their dirty work. Another Berman connection to the Center for Union Facts is Sarah Longwell, the group's PR contact, who has also worked for Berman's Employment Policies Institute.


rick you are a peice of work you don't have a clue what your talking about. I herd you on the frank beckman show and you made me sick.If you knew what you were talking about it would be one thing but you don't.The jobs bank was there to stop companies from moving the jobs out of this country.If your job was moved out to another country for cheaper labor you were put into the jobs bank in the hopes that the company would say we have to pay them anyway we might as well keep it here.They call this out sourcing they can out source the job but they have to pay the affected workers.If you lose your job because of a volume reduction you don't go to the jobs bank you get laid off until things pick up just like everybody else in the country. As far as the strike fund goes there may be a billion there but if they call a strick all we get is 75 dollars a weak to walk the picket line so who wants that you make it sound like we get full pay. You have to walk 4 hours a week and the uaw pays your health ins. and you get a whole 75 dollars a week.As far as the health ins. goes when you hit 65 medi caid takes over its your primary ins and what ever it does not pay than and only than does your company ins kick in and what ever medi caid did not.I saw you with neil did you here what he said in a polite way if they go by the way of chapter 11 this will take care of your concerns the pensions and health care so why don't you just stay out of it who the hell do you think you are anyway. I never even herd of you until today. My opion you should get yourself a big cup of S.T.F.U and chill.