Fumento's Genetically Engineered Columns

"Scripps Howard News Service announced Jan. 13 that it's severing its business relationship with columnist Michael Fumento, who's also a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute. The move comes after inquiries from BusinessWeek Online about payments Fumento received from agribusiness giant Monsanto -- a frequent subject of praise in Fumento's opinion columns and a book." Scripps Howard general manager Peter Copeland said Fumento "did not tell SHNS editors, and therefore we did not tell our readers, that in 1999 Hudson received a $60,000 grant from Monsanto." The grant was for Fumento's book BioEvolution. Fumento called himself "extremely pro-biotech" and said he told Monsanto about the book, "The biotech industry is going to look really good, and you should contribute." Fumento said his recent columns, including a January 5 piece praising new Monsanto products, were not "quid pro quo." He added, "I think there's a statute of limitations on that."


because I can't resist a big Ha Ha! I am not of fan of his for so many reasons. As I size acceptance advocate I am repulsed by his suggestions to solve the obesity "crisis" by eliminating plus sized clothing lines. All the while minimizing the risks of second hand smoke, pesticides, and global warming. It is so obvious he is a hired hack trying to distract the public with their personal "failings" and lifestyle issues so we will turn a blind eye to all the ways corporations are killing us. He is certainly mean enough to work for Monsanto, often retorting with personal attacks. (Not that I am any angel in that respect if pushed either!) My apologies to the canines of the world, but it is true. Every dog does get his day! First DeLay, now Fumento. Dubya, you can't be so far behind!!!!