The Olsen Twins They Ain't

"Nazi worship is very problematic but the public relations dilemma can be solved very simply," Margaret Kimberley writes. "Leave out any mention of hate, racism, Hitler and holocaust denial." Kimberley points to Prussian Blue, 13 year-old blonde twin sisters who sing songs celebrating Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess. Teen People magazine planned to do an article on them, agreeing "not to mention the words Hitler, hate or supremacist. ... Teen People promised to speak of the family only as supporters of 'white pride.'" Ultimately, the story was pulled and a "junior employee" blamed for poor judgment. Kimberley also faults ABC News for giving the twins "free publicity and compar[ing] them to the over exposed but harmless Olsen twins." Instead, Kimberley suggests U.S. journalists should cover an almost totally ignored 2003 incident where "white supremacists near Tyler, Texas were discovered with 500,000 rounds of ammunition, bomb making equipment, canisters of cyanide and a KKK calling card."