Evangelical PR

Mike Paul, the president of the New York-based MGP & Associates PR, counts amongst his clients the conservative Black evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson's High-Impact Leadership Coalition. Paul's company states on its website that its "philosophy is grounded in both business and biblical principles" and boasts that "our ethical and moral standards are the highest in the industry." Bill Berkowitz called Paul and, after introducing himself as working as a journalist for WorkingForChange.com, asked about his work for the coalition. After stating "national public relations," Paul asked Berkowitz to restate who he was working for. After Berkowitz told him once more, Paul said, "Look, I'm in a car trying to help out a liberal rag. I deal with big media outlets, and your rag is probably seen by only a handful of people. This phone call is done. I gave you my answer. Have a good day."


A message for Bishp Jackson from the source itself.

 It is possible to give away and become richer!  It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything.  Yes, the liberal man shall be rich!  By watering others, he waters himself. 
 Proverbs 11:24-25 
 The Living Bible 
Notice it says "THE LIBERAL MAN" Nowhere in the Bible does Christ, the Apostles or Prophets talk about exaulting the rich conservative man. Our PR is to begin preaching the mantra of the Liberal Man himself - Jesus Christ who espoused that helping those less fortunate is our moral and Godly duty. No where does Christ or His followers say no work no eat. Here is a man who fed many, wore his hair long, made his mission amongst the poor.

Perhpas the campaing for the Liberal Man should begin with the verse that "it is easier for a poor man to pass through the gates of heaven than a rich man through the eye of a needle"

Democrats - fight the so called "religious conservative right" with the truth from the Bible and we can take back the Catholic and and Christian vote back."

If we are the party of the people we need to sell that we care for our brothers and sisters and lending a helping hand is a liberal christ like thing to do for each other and for America. Building America by touching one life at a time.

Just my thoughts - what sat thou?

Okay first let me say that I personally do not have quite the same animosity towards blacks who "wear" their religion for show than for whites who do so, and this is simply my own personal bias because I have not had the same personal life observations of blacks as whites. Blacks have often had to lead harder lives, and therefore I feel less judgemental of them. Anyway this comment is not directed towards blacks or racial issues, but wearing one's religion for show in general.

People everywhere feel like they are "okay" because they think they know what is wrong with everyone else. They are majoring in the presumed errors and wrongs of everyone else. But they don't have a clue about their own personal flaws --- just 20/20 vision on everyone else (or so they think), and perhaps this is only a natural human condition for which little can be done.

Anyway it is curious why the two words "secular" and "humanism" have been combined --- as if the two necessarily have anything to do with each other. (I was trying to be satirical above, and so called this comment "secular hedonism . . . ")

Also there are people going around in cars with bumper stickers that say that because they are Christians, they are not perfect but that they are "forgiven." Okay this particular presumption warrants some closer inspection, being that there is a little comment in their Bible in which Jesus tells his disciples to pray to "forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." This is found in the book of Matthew, chapter 6 verse 12. Since it says to pray for one's own forgiveness to the same degree one is willing to forgive others, then could it be possible that there is a sort of "condition" involved?

Anyway it does give rise to some question that Christianity is really some club of license to sin with no reckoning or Day or Reckoning to come about it all. "There comes a Day of Reckoning" one lady once very aptly put it.

Okay sorry I don't have more time to devote/give to writing this up better but there is just very little spare time for very many of us in this world today, for us to sit around and perfect these sorts of write-ups. So this will have to do.