The Junkman Goes Nuclear

Steven Milloy holds forth about nuclear waste for Fox News.

Media Matters for America has news on the latest from Steven Milloy, the Cato Institute's self-proclaimed "debunker" of "junk science" and commentator for Fox News. They report that Milloy (who is not a scientist himself) recently self-published a deceptive "study" purporting to show that radiation levels at the U.S. Capitol Building were 65 times higher than the proposed standards for the federal government's planned high-level radioactive waste storage dump at Yucca Mountain. For our exposes on Milloy, see, for example, our article on "How Big Tobacco Created the Junkman" or our report on Milloy's unfounded claim that more asbestos at the World Trade Towers would have saved lives during the 9/11 terrorist attack. (And for a humorous take on the Milloys of the world, the Slashdot website recently featured a clever posting titled, "Can You Spot the Real Scientist?")