Doubting Scientists for Hire

"The vilification of threatening research as 'junk science' and the corresponding sanctification of industry-commissioned research as 'sound science' has become nothing less than standard operating procedure in some parts of corporate America," writes Clinton-era Energy Department epidemiologist David Michaels. One example is beryllium, an "extremely toxic" metal used in nuclear warheads. Beryllium producers hired two "product defense" firms to "dispute and reanalyze data showing adverse health effects." Michaels says industry groups "have grown more brazen since George W. Bush became president," pointing to industry-friendly appointments to an advisory panel on childhood lead poisoning and the Data Quality Act. The Data Quality Act (promoted at the state level by the American Legislative Exchange Council) has been "used by groups bankrolled by the oil industry to discredit the National Assessment on Climate Change" and "by the Salt Institute to challenge the advise of the National Institutes of Health that Americans should reduce their salt consumption."


Get your Science here!!! Fresh, Pure, Nonsensical, What you need them to hear...Science!!

guaranteed imaginative!! Difficult to disprove, and easy to swallow by today's citizen on the go!!

Bring enough Opinion...Influence..I mean..Cash, and i'll spin a yarn out of whole cloth, that will make heads spin!
That is a Scientific Fact!!

Sincerely Yours,

I. B. Scammin, Scientist for Hire

Now that I have had my fun..I believe the ALEC has Corrupted more individuals Globaly with their Opinion of CASH, than anyother group in american history.

Here is an opinion...currency(cash), is Influence, not Opinion. The use of cash as opinion NEGATES and/or DISCRIMINATES the opinion of us, the citizen, our opinion of $12,500 a year is ignored.

People go to work to recieve a pay check, giving them currency, to influence others into giving them what they need to survive.

Imagine getting 3 Opinions of How Not to Eat Yellow Snow on pay day!


This problem of "Junk Science" is dirrectly connected "Money as Opinion", A lack of Equality in the media, and the ALEC!

P.S. The use of Cash to Influence the Opinion of a Scientist, is Immoral and extremly Suspect Behavior, it Bends the Truth. It helps hide the irresponsible and often Dangerouse behavior of todays Profit Barons.