It's Her Lobbying Firm, Too

Former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency head Christine Todd Whitman has opened a consulting firm, the Whitman Strategy Group, "whose first client is a chemical company negotiating with the EPA over the cleanup of arsenic-contaminated soil at a factory near Buffalo, N.Y." The company, FMC Corporation, "is responsible for 136 Superfund sites across the country," "has been subject to 47 EPA enforcement actions," and has, over the past seven years, "spent more than $16.5 million on lobbying." Whitman hasn't worked directly with FMC, but said she would probably help them "improve their image" and gain "access to the people they need to speak to." Eileen McGinnis, formerly "Whitman's chief of staff at the EPA," is "the only partner at Whitman's firm who has worked with FMC" to date. McGinnis called FMC "a good corporate citizen."