PR Bloggers Missing in Action on Payola Scandal?

"For PR bloggers especially," writes Jay Rosen, the Armstrong Williams cash-for-commentary scandal "was a moment for them to shine and for the most part they did not show up." The story of Williams and his $240,000 deal with the Ketchum PR firm has been "nearly invisible to PR bloggers, who, aside from a few mentions here and there, have neglected this juicy and far-reaching story."


If you read through Professor Rosen's comments, you'd see that there are many more than just "a few mentions here and there."

I don't frequent blogs so much as politically left/progressive news-type websites like,, and, and these sites feature this scandal VERY prominently. I have written to my congressional representatives about it and to news website columnists like the New York Times and made a very big deal about it myself. I suspect the scandal may be the just the tip of an enormous viceberg. How many other journalists are secretly on the public payroll -- Robert Novak? The Swift Boat Liars on Kerry? This is perhaps but an expansion and a continuation of the Operation Mockingbird scandal documented on this website.