Chain Reaction Letters

A "rare mailing" sent to 100,000 homes within 10 miles of "the oldest commercial [nuclear] reactor in the country," New Jersey's Oyster Creek plant, informed residents that "radiation is everywhere - in the air, in the soil and even in their bodies." AmerGen, which owns the plant, said the mailing "help[s] the company meet federal requirements mandating that reactor owners teach the public about radiation and its effects." The Asbury Park Press writes that the mailing "coincides with a push by AmerGen," as it prepares "to apply for a 20-year license renewal in July." AmerGen is also holding an information fair, "to calm fears surrounding nuclear power through education and to convince the public that AmerGen can live up to its motto: Safe, Clean and Reliable."



In todays world so many things are run by fear and this sounds to me like another advertisment based in fear. Sort of like:"If your afraid of us you should be afraid of everything". They aren't really educating anyone at all. Most of us learned this type of stuff in gradeschool. just my thoughts.