Lobby, Lobby, Lobby, I'm a Liberal

Further illustrating "the revolving door that exists between those who run campaigns and those who lobby," the Kerry campaign's recent hires -- Joel Johnson, Joe Lockhart, Howard Wolfson and Michael Whouley -- are all lobbyists, as well as Democratic strategists. Johnson directs the Harbour Group, a frequent Alexander Strategy Group partner whose clients include the oil and pharmaceutical industries. Johnson also represented the Asbestos Study Group industry coalition. Whouley's Dewey Square Group, "one of the country's foremost experts in so-called grass-roots and grass-tops lobbying," often works with the DCI Group. Lockhart and Wolfson are partners at the Glover Park Group. Doug Ireland notes that "on CNN's Inside Politics, Jesse Jackson delivered a blistering attack on the Kerry campaign for running away from the Democratic base and the issues it cares about."