The Pampered Press

"Reporters who cover political conventions are accustomed to tiny workspaces, often shoddy technical setups, and few, if any, luxuries," PR Week writes. "Last week, New York City and the GOP - with the help of GCI Group- went to great lengths to break the mold. Journalists covering the Republican National Convention ... were treated to world-class accouterments, including facials, tailoring services, and gourmet food - drawing a marked contrast from the rather cramped conditions at the Democratic National Convention held last month in Boston.

Most of the pampering took place across the street from [Madison Square] Garden in The Barneys Lounge, sponsored by upscale clothier Barneys ... The services were arranged by the 2004 New York City Host Committee and supervised (and aggressively publicized) by GCI." The PR firm told PR Week, "We're basically saying to the reporters, 'We know you're working hard. Let us make your lives easier while you're in New York.'"