CIA's Favorite PR Firm, Rendon Group, Rocks The DNC

The CIA's favorite PR firm, "the Rendon Group is playing a major behind-the-scenes role at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, arranging first-time/real-time video broadcasts each morning to each of the 56 caucuses, serving as the event's project manager, and coordinating 20 convention-related events, Rick Rendon, co-founder of the firm, told O'Dwyer's. Rendon hired Polycom Video Systems to set up secure servers in 22 hotels so leading Democrats can address each caucus at their 8 a.m. breakfast for a 'virtual convention.' ... Rendon said the Boston convention will mark the first time that each delegation will be connected in real-time. 'I remember how hard it was to speak to the different delegations when I worked for Jimmy Carter,' said Rendon. TRG has or will run 20 convention events, ranging from an educational reception for young female Democrats featuring former Texas Governor Ann Richards to the 'Rock the Vote' concert. An Associated Press July 25 photo featured TRG staffer Jim King giving John Kerry's daughters Vanessa and Alexandra a tour of the FleetCenter. King is one of TRG's 'lean and mean' convention team, said Rendon. 'It's been crazy,' he added."