Lend Me Your Ears

Eric Boehlert, citing Media Matters for America observations, writes: "Between March 15 and April 29 'Limbaugh used the term "femi-Nazis" eight times; he suggested that women want to be sexually harassed; he repeatedly equated Democrats with terrorists'... Is it appropriate for a military audience to be repeatedly beamed these messages?" At issue is the hour of Rush Limbaugh's right-wing radio talk show aired daily on taxpayer-funded American Forces Radio, which broadcasts "stereo audio services to over 1,000 outlets in more than 175 countries and U.S. territories, and on board U.S. Navy ships." Given that "overseas military ballots were an important element" of the 2000 election, Boehlert writes: "The influence of what amounts to propaganda beamed daily to U.S. troops must be considered a domestic political factor of no small consequence."