PR Firm Hired to Sell Democracy to the Iraqis

"The United States-led occupation in Iraq
has enlisted a British public relations firm to help
promote the establishment of democracy in the country.
The firm, Bell Pottinger, based in London, is creating
television and radio commercials that will explain to
Iraqis how and why the United States is handing over
sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government in June. The
campaign will begin next week on local and satellite
stations in Iraq. Bell Pottinger, a subsidiary of Chime Communications, has
decades of political experience. The chairman, Lord Tim
Bell, ran publicity campaigns for Margaret Thatcher. ...
Some advertising experts said they were wary about the
idea of using television spots to push political change and
encourage the growth of democracy. ...
'I hope Bell Pottinger learns from the real fiasco that was
Charlotte Beers' campaign,' said a London Business School
professor, Patrick Barwise. Bell Pottinger should be sure
to ask basic questions, he said, including 'Why are we
here?' and 'Why is there a problem?' "