It's a Small Workforce, After All

It's "not outsourcing... it's simply moving the work" explained Reuters' global managing editor about the news service's hiring six reporters in Bangalore, India to cover small and mid-size U.S. companies. In Congress, Republicans are touting "insourcing," or foreign companies hiring U.S. citizens. "You can't get upset about outsourcing without considering the benefits of insourcing," said the director of the Organization for International Investment (OFII), a trade group representing the U.S. subsidiaries of large international companies like Toyota, Nestle and Siemens. OFII coined the term "insourcing" after considering alternatives like "onshoring." And the Bush administration's leading candidate for manufacturing czar, Tony Raimondo, withdrew from consideration after it was revealed he had outsourced, offshored, or simply moved some of his company's manufacturing jobs to China.