Mad Cow Spreading in USA for a Decade

"Mad cow disease probably has been established in North
America for more than a decade, and Americans should be prepared for the
discovery of more domestic cases as it spreads through herds. A panel of international experts released these findings Wednesday to U.S.
Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, also urging the Department of Agriculture
to toughen protections put into place following the Dec. 23 discovery of an
infected Holstein in Washington state. Those protections, while helpful, are not sufficient to keep mad cow disease from spreading further, or 'amplifying,' within the North American herd, the researchers concluded. 'We need more, much more,' said Ulrich Kihm, a Swiss scientist who led the
advisory panel. 'If we don't accept and implement measures -- strong
measures --then we have this amplification cycle going on and on.' ... Kihm also said he disagreed with a study from the Harvard Center for Risk
concluding that existing precautions, such as the feed ban, had
arrested the spread of mad cow and eventually would eradicate the disease. 'The disease will spread, spread all over the place' if no additional steps
are taken, he said."