Lynch Says Military Should Not Have Filmed Her Rescue

"Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch said the U.S. military was wrong to manipulate the story of her dramatic rescue and should not have filmed it in the first place. ... 'It's wrong,' she said." Lynch's book written by Rick Bragg claims she was raped, although she has no memory of being raped and her Iraqi doctors who saved her life are saying they saw no evidence of sexual assault and they are wondering why such sensational claims are being made. Documentary filmmaker Stephen Ives says the Jessica Lynch saga gave the media "a chance to avoid some of the independent reporting that they could have been doing. What's significant about Jessica Lynch in terms of the future, is that the Army took their own cameras along on the rescue mission. It's not too big a stretch, I believe, to imagination an ever increasingly sophisticated Pentagon shooting more and more of their own 'news.' If that happens, it will challenge the media to avoid becoming a mouthpiece for propaganda."