Hearts and Minds in Hostland

The Internet Archive has unearthed a U.S. military training film from 1968 showing psychological operations (psyops) in a mythical country called "Hostland," where U.S. advisors want help the host government gain the support of its population. "Psychologically, the military in every country in the world represents government authority," it explains as it shows images of a gray-haired diplomat meeting with generals. "As promised by the ambassador, a team of military advisors arrives in Hostland," the film continues. The psyops expert "reviews the psychological objectives the United States hopes to achieve," studies the population, identifies target audiences, and plans a combination of media, cultural, and economic development initiatives. "Prisoners are interrogated with special questionnaires that give clues toward their reaction to the psychological effort directed toward them," continues the second part of the film. "The psychological program must be constantly updated. As the people are affected by the program, so the program is affected by their changes in attitudes. A successful psyop program will make them perceive things from the desired viewpoint."