Moran's War

During the war in Iraq, Paul Moran, a TV cameraman for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), was killed by a suicide bomber. After his death, his hometown newspaper discovered that Moran also worked for the Rendon Group, a secretive public relations firm that works with the Pentagon. Now additional information has come to light showing that Moran played an important role with the Iraqi National Congress (INC), a PR front created by Rendon, in feeding stories to the press about Iraq's alleged weapons programs from Iraqi defector Adnan Ihsan Saeed al Haideri. "The man who helped orchestrate publicity for al-Haideri was Zaab Sethna, media spokesman for the INC," reports John Hosking. "Sethna spent more than a decade working in and around Iraq. Much of it with his Australian mate Paul Moran. After the INC helped al Haideri escape from Iraq, it was Paul Moran who was called in to do the one television interview that would go around the world."


Anybody who has taken an interest in Ahmad Chalabi, John Rendon, Judith Miller and their links to Paul Moran, the Australian news cameraman killed in Iraq, may be interested in my interpretation of the story – a screenplay based on the life of Paul Moran.

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I have also written a background article on Paul Moran’s involvement with the WMD affair. If this is of interest, email me at for a copy.

I am a freelance journalist who has spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East, and knew Paul Moran well.