The War of Spin

David Kelly, the scientist whose suicide marked a tragic twist in the unfolding controversy over British intelligence dossiers that supported the war in Iraq, was "ripped apart in the middle" of a "war of spin," said an editor at the British Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC has come under intense criticism for its reports alleging that top British officials "sexed up" the dossiers, and now it is being criticized on grounds that its reports may have contributed to Kelly's suicide. "Yes, we had a role in it," the editor said. "But the BBC has looked at the way it has handled this entire affair and at this stage we do not believe we could have handled things differently." The BBC stands by its reporting and says it has a tape-recorded interview with Kelly, as well as other evidence showing that it accurately represented Kelly's views. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has bitterly criticized the BBC's reporting, is also coming under intense criticism as government officials fight to evade responsibility for outing Kelly publicly as the BBC's whistleblower. ""Some people can't stop spinning - even now," commented a former Labour minister.