TV's Yellow Journalism: Hyping War to Boost Ratings

"As the military buildup continues in the Persian Gulf,
another conflict is brewing at home, among MSNBC, CNN and
the Fox News Channel. ... Recalling how CNN made its name during the gulf war, each channel is trying to distinguish itself and outdo its rivals. ... As a result, the reports are taking on a hypercharged tone as the cable networks try to persuade viewers ahead of time that they are the ones to watch should war break out. ... The networks now generally use a 'whooshing' sound to precede an on-screen headline. There is far more frequent use of the words 'Breaking News' or 'News Alert,' even for events that in the past would not have called for urgent
treatment. ... At the very least, Graham T. Allison, a professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, said the competition among the networks is adding to a public sense
that war is inevitable."